Assistive Devices Program (ADP)


What is ADP?

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is a program operated by the Ministry of Health that provides consumer support and funding to Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities. Devices covered by the program are intended to enable people with physical disabilities to increase their independence through access to assistive devices responsive to their individual needs. ADP contributes to covering the costs of items such as manual and power wheelchairs, rollators and walkers, scooters, and specialized seating.

What Equipment is Funded by ADP? 

ADP covers over 8,000 separate pieces of equipment or supplies in the following categories : wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and other mobility aids; specialized seating systems; respiratory equipment including CPAP systems; oxygen and oxygen delivery equipment, such as concentrators, cylinders, liquid systems and related supplies, such as masks and tubing; orthoses (braces, garments and pumps); enteral feeding supplies; prostheses; and hearing aids. At Body ‘n Balance Physiotherapy we are “Authorized Providers” for walkers and rollators only. Who is Eligible for ADP Assistance? Eligibility includes any Ontario resident who has a valid Ontario Health card issued in their name and has a physical disability of six months or longer. ADP does not pay for equipment available under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or to Group “A” veterans for their pensioned benefits. There are specific eligibility criteria which apply to each device category. We can assist you with that. An individual who has a chronic illness or dysfunction that requires long-term oxygen therapy may be eligible for home oxygen funding.

What is the Amount of Financial Assistance Available? 

ADP pays up to 75 per cent of the cost of equipment, for wheelchairs, seating, scooters, walkers, orthopaedic braces, and breathing aids. ADP funds new equipment only. If you have already accessed ADP funding, the Program may pay for replacement equipment if your old equipment is worn out, or if your body size or needs have changed.

How Do I Apply? 

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) requires that you undergo an assessment by a therapist who is registered as an "authorizer" by ADP. The authorizer will complete the application for the devices needed and forward it to ADP. What is the Assessment? The assessment can take place in your home or at the clinic. At the assessment, the therapist will assess your condition and will determine how you will benefit from a mobility device, and which mobility device(s) will best fit your needs. They will then determine the size, model, and features of the equipment. After the Assessment After the authorizer has determined that your are eligible to apply for a mobility device, he/she will fill out the ADP application form. You will be asked to sign it, and you or the therapist will mail it to the ADP office or the vendor of your choice. At the ADP office, your application will be reviewed to ensure that you are eligible to receive the ADP funding. Once they approve your application, they will notify your therapist and the vendor to let them know exactly how much money will be contributed to the purchase of your equipment.