Nathaniel Porter-Gowan | Registered Massage Therapist (Consultant)

Nathaniel became a Registered Massage Therapist in 2013. He specializes in deep tissue, sports massage incorporating: fascial work, muscle stretching, joint play, Swedish petrissage, Thai massage and relaxation techniques.

Massages are client based, focusing on patient’s individual needs so they can realign their body mechanics and attain homeostasis. Nathaniel works closely with our clinic's team to create a circle of care for his clients.

Massage therapy differs for everyone. Speaking to each client and creating a wellness plan so they can achieve their goals quickly is Nathaniel’s number one priority. Nathaniel finds that changing techniques and trying new ideas helps his new and long-term clients stay informed and up to date. To do this Nathaniel is continually learning by speaking to his peers and taking ongoing certification classes. His next step may be learning acupuncture.